Employee w2 Information - 2014

We encourage all team members to register for the ADP Self Service Portal and elect the paperless W2 Option. The W2 will be available on the portal January 18, 2015. If you do not choose the paperless option, We will be mailing 2014 W2�s to your home address on January 31, 2015.

If the address we have for you is incorrect, the W-2 will be returned to the corporate office. You may update your address by visiting the ADP Self Service Portal. https://portal.adp.com

Employee W2 Information - Prior to 2012

You may access prior year W2 information by visiting the Ceridian website. Use the "Click Here" Link below.

You will be instructed on the steps needed to set up your user name and password, which will enable you to print a copy of your W-2 or download it into Turbo-Tax. The User Name and Password are both the same number, which is a 10-digit number/letter combination, unique to you, composed of a combination of (a) your 2 digit birth month (b) the last 4 digits of your social security number (c) your 2 digit birth year (d) the 2 letter state code of the restaurant you LAST worked in.

Example: You worked at Gordon Biersch in Baltimore, Maryland, your birthdate is June 10, 1972 & social security number is 222-00-3333, becomes 06333372MD. After the initial log-on, the system will prompt you for a change of user name and password. Click here to access the site and get your W-2 copy. Once in the website, DO NOT try to create your own account � DO NOT use the "[click here] if you do not have an account"�Instead follow the above instructions for User Name & Password.

Click Here (Ceridian - Prior Years)

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