At Sing Sing, you can hear all of your favorite tunes from yesteryear to yesterDAY! We have brought together some of the most versatile, talented musicians in the country. Because our show is totally driven by YOUR requests, it's always a perfect match for whoever shows up!! You never know what you'll see or hear, but you can always expect a loud n' rowdy sing-along experience!

The only time you won't be singing at Sing Sing is when you are LAUGHING. Our talented entertainers bring you a musical comedy experience you'll never forget (no matter how hard you try!!). Our solid rock n' roll show is spiced with just the right amount of adult humor. Send a guest of honor on-stage for one of our scathing, signature comedy roasts!

Now the men who make it possible...

Karl Bailey - Entertainment Manager (Pittsburgh)
Matt Alterio (Pittsburgh)
Joey Granati (Pittsburgh)

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