Matt Alterio
Matt has been playing piano since age six. Growing up in Canonsburg, Pa, Matt took lessons for six months and found it easier to play what he heard instead of reading all those annoying little note thingys. While attending Canon-Mac Junior and Senior High School, he played in several cover bands including Clockwork Orange. His father dropped him off and picked him up at his first gig making it difficult to party with any groupies. Matt's first line to a girl was, "Let me check with my Dad to see if there's room in the car." He never saw her again.

He then went on to Pitt and like so many Pitt students, transferred to another school. Point Park College was thrilled to take his money, and while in school he worked at Jellyrolls Dueling Pianos in Station Square. After gradutaion, Matt thought it would be a good time to lay down some roots in a family town like Myrtle Beach, SC. He was one of the original players at Crocodile Rocks Dueling Pianos at Broadway at the Beach. Tiring of the all night parties, I mean family time activities, Matt moved to Erie, PA where, for seven years, he performed a dueling piano show from Buffalo, NY to, I hate to say this, Cleveland, OH.

Matt is glad to be back home in Pittsburgh and working with such a great team. Matt's musical influences include all the piano players you can think of, and the theme to the ice cream truck that used to come around when he was little. "Seriously, it was catchy and your mouth would start to water. I think it was called Pavlov's Waltz."

Matt would like to invite you out to eat after your night here at Sing Sing. He just has to check with his Dad to see if there's room in the car.